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Elect Her

Fighting for Equal Representation in Canada

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made”

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Canada Ranks 61st Worldwide

Only 29% of Canada’s federal representatives (Members of Parliament) are women, putting us in 61st place worldwide. That places Canada far behind Rwanda (1st), the United Kingdom (39th), and the Philippines (51st).

British Columbia

Of the 87 Members of the Legislature in BC, only 34 are women (39%). Yet, women consist of approximately 50.4% of the overall population. This is an issue across provincial and territorial governments in Canada. Only the Northwest Territories has achieved gender equality with 9 of 19 MLAs being women.

Elect Her believes more needs to be done

Elect Her, a campus club based at the University of Victoria, is striving to support an increased involvement of women and marginalized genders with the political process. Through activism on campus and in the province, we hope to de-construct barriers that persist for women in politics.

“If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

Margaret thatcher

Women often face insurmountable barriers in Canadian politics. They receive less money from their political party than their male counterparts, parties recruit men more frequently, and women are run less often in strongholds (resulting in more challenging elections).

To solve this issue, Canadian political parties must recruit, fund, and support women in their run for public office.

What Can You Do?


Voting is the easiest and most effective way to enact change. Encourage others to vote! Bring your friends to the polls!


If a woman is running in your municipal, provincial, or federal constituency, check out her campaign and consider volunteering!


The best way to achieve gender equality in our governments is to have more women run for office. You should run or encourage other women/marginalized gender identities to do so!

About Us

Elect Her is supports an increase involvement of women and marginalized genders with the political process. Based at the University of Victoria in BC, we engage with advocacy to try to break down the persisting barriers facing women in politics.

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